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1. What products do you sell?
We specialize in light gauge (32, 30, 28, 26, 24, 22, 20) bare and pre-painted galvanized and galvalume steel coils. We also sell light gauge stainless steel sheets and coils.
2. What is your minimum order quantity?
Our minimum order is 40,000 lbs per size per color.
3. Do you sell individual coils or sheets?
No, we do not sell individual coils or sheets. However, we will deliver smaller amounts if they are part of a larger order. We always work with all of our customers to ensure that they receive only the amount of coils and sheets that they require.
4. What type of logistics services do you offer?
We ship coils all over the country via truck, rail and barge. We also work with a number of warehouses throughout the country in order to ensure that our services fulfill all of the logistical needs that our customers require.
5. What type of warranties do you offer?
All of the products that we sell come with a warranty. The duration and scope vary by product but typically range from 10-40 years. All of the mills that we work with guarantee flatness and that their products are free of defects.
6. Are any of the products you sell considered secondary?
No, we only sell prime coils and sheets.
7. What sort of toll processing services do you provide?
We work with several outside processors around the country to provide slitting, embossing, and sheeting services.
8. What mills do you purchase steel from?
We buy steel from a number of mills throughout the world including several in the U.S. We only buy from mills where we have tested the steel for the highest quality.
9. Do you offer steel with different grades and coatings?
Absolutely. We sell galvanized in several different coating thicknesses including G-30, G-40, G-60, G-90, and G-100. With galvalume, we offer coating thicknesses of AZ-40, AZ-50, and AZ-55. Finally, with stainless, we offer 304 #4 and 304 2B.
10. Can you apply a protective coating on bare steel?
Yes, we apply steel that is either chem-treated or acrylic coated. In addition, we sell steel that is oiled for paint-line coating.
11. Do you provide toll coating?
Yes, we work with a number of paint lines in the U.S. to paint bare steel.
12. You mention that you sell galvalume. Do you also sell zincalume?
Galvalume and zincalume are the same product that are sold under different trade names.



Galvalume is a carbon steel sheet laminated with an aluminum-zinc alloy.

Pre-Painted Steel

Pre-painted steel is created by applying a coat of specially formulated paint.


Galvanized steel is one of the most prevalent types of steel products.


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